Irresistible Burgers?

Irresistible Burgers?

It was only a short hop flight – less than 3 hours from Denpasar to Singapore, otherwise I might have been seriously tempted. Airline food seems to be getting worse and worse these days, even on the nicer carriers. On budget airlines where it needs to be paid for, there are stern warnings not to bring your own snacks on board, which can leave you not just hungry but deeply annoyed.

So full marks to the airport branch of the Hard Rock Café in Bali, which has this hilarious signboard to tempt you in. Even if you don’t like burgers, you have to agree that this one looks way more appetising than anything you will be given on the plane. Not to mention the comfort of eating off proper plates at a roomy table rather than struggling with all those tubs and packets on the fold down tray in your economy class seat.

And it has to be working… the place was packed!


Build A Burger

burger-1 burger-2

With the possible exception of MOS, I don’t do burgers. But I know people who do and so it was I found myself in a branch of McDonalds offering something a little bit different.

For a start there was a touch screen ordering system, although since you still had to queue for your food I am not sure how much time that saved. I suppose at least it ensured you actually got what you thought you had ordered, or if not then it was your own mistake…

But the real draw here was the chance to create your own burger through a series of steps offering a choice of condiments, toppings and so on.

You want caramelised onions, jalapeno relish and pineapple on there? Pickles, mustard and guacamole?? No problem! The possible permutations are doubtless too numerous to calculate without technological help, so I have to admit that I was impressed.

This seems to have been a limited trial run in Singapore so far, but (despite it being McDonalds) I sort of hope it will reappear soon.

Shogun Burger

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shogun 1 shogun 2

I always enjoy seeing American fast food chains try to appeal to non-Western taste buds with locally inspired menu variations. It often works really well. For instance, I very much liked a McArabia sandwich I tried in Egypt: koftas and salad with garlic mayo, wrapped in a toasted pitta bread. A long ago McBento in Japan, however, which featured rice topped with various things in a cardboard imitation of a bamboo steamer basket, was less successful.

On a recent trip to Tokyo I spotted this offering from Burger King, a ‘kuro shogun’ burger created in threatening shades of black. Black bread has been popular for a while now in Asia, coloured with bamboo charcoal, but I had never before seen black cheese slices.

Hopefully I never will again. The burger which arrived looked nothing like the big and shiny offering on the poster, and the piece of aubergine sticking out of the side was ridiculous and unappetising. The special black sauce, a combination of red wine and squid ink with garlic and onions, could not be detected, and the whole thing was a greasy disappointment. There is no point consuming calories you are not enjoying, so I chalked my few bites of this down to experience, then went on for some sushi.