Salt and Vinegar Candy

Salt and Vinegar Candy

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These popped up in Daiso, yet another example of the Asian tendency to combine ingredients in ways that would horrify Westerners, but for S$2 a packet, I felt they were worth a try.

I know that tomato is technically a fruit, so it has some natural sweetness, but the Salt Tomato candy was too bizarre to taste for long. It’s not that there was too much salt, but combined with the sugar of the candy it was just wrong.

The Lychee Vinegar candy was reasonably good in comparison. I didn’t like it at all, but it was reminiscent of those sour pear candies which were popular when I was young, except with too much sugary lychee taste.

I am packing the rest of these off to daughters #1 and #2 in England and await their verdict with interest…