Candyfloss Burritos

Candyfloss Burritos

Pastel is clearly the new black, at least when it comes to food trends aimed at the youth of Singapore.

The latest, offering itself as a ‘rainbow unicorn snack’ is dubbed the ‘candyfloss burrito’, although as far as I could tell it comprised neither of these items (and I shall gloss over the missing unicorn…)

Somehow, at least in Singapore, ‘burrito’ has become shorthand for anything wrapped into a roll of some kind. Hence the popularity of the ‘sushi burrito’, which, disappointingly, means no more than either your standard maki or a Californian hand roll.

Here, the ‘candyfloss’, whilst crunchy with sugar, seemed to be made of shredded vegetable of some sort. The ‘burritos’ were simply crepes. Both had been coloured with varying degrees of success and without the apparent addition of any flavour.

You can buy the component parts in package form, ready to put together yourself, but in such quantities that you would have to be planning a party. If you buy a tray of 3, you are advised to eat them within 8 minutes. I’m not sure what happens if you don’t, because I managed only a few bites before consigning them to the nearest bin.

Luminous Candyfloss

candyfloss-1 candyfloss-3 candyfloss-4

This is such a clever (but silly) idea I am surprised not to have seen it before.

Some smart marketing person has taken the light-up colour-changing sticks you see waved around at concerts, and used them in place of the normal wooden stick for candyfloss. The result – a fabulous treat which glows a rainbow of luminous colours, perfect for evening events and dark places.

We saw these on sale in the aquarium complex on Sentosa, and the stall was doing a roaring trade. Not a bad deal for S$6, after which you get to keep the stick!