Chilli Pain Patch

Chilli Pain Patch

Applying chilli in any form onto a sore patch does not sound like a very good idea – you’d imagine it would only make things hurt more. Perhaps that is part of the plan – by giving yourself something else to complain about, you will forget the original problem.

Still, I was intrigued by the idea and the packaging of this Taiwanese product. There are drawings of chillies and the warning that it is ‘strong’, but as I was travelling light and had left most of my medical kit behind, this seemed like it was worth trying following a minor but annoying injury.

The patch itself is fairly large but can be cut to size and the remainder saved for another day. It is really just an enormous sticking plaster with air holes punched in, and the adhesive side coloured red – presumably just for show but it certainly reminds you this contains chilli!

So I stuck a piece over my pulled muscle and tried to get on with my day. I have to say, though, that I could not tolerate this for very long. There was an immediate and unnerving tingling sensation then it all became very hot. After about an hour, my skin turned bright red, not only underneath the patch but all around it, too. When I peeled the plaster off, the whole area became even hotter and very painful indeed. Then it all died away and although my skin stayed red for hours, I actually felt a lot better.

Maybe it does work. I did not throw away the rest of the plaster, and will have to give it another try.