Fortune Cupcakes

Fortune Cupcakes

This is really silly but lots of fun – a cupcake twist on the (usually) Chinese fortune cookie.

‘Fortune Cakes’ gives you a dozen silicone cupcake moulds, each imprinted with a ‘fortune’ you can only see once you have eaten your cupcake.

You might get ‘life is uncertain, eat dessert first’ or ‘a balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand’. They are all different and equally amusing.

I really like these, and feel it would be shame to save them just for Chinese New Year…

CNY Doughnuts

It always tickles me to see big American brands introduce ‘specials’ designed for the Asian market. Like Starbucks moon cakes and Haagen Dazs green tea ice cream, or McDonalds teriyaki burgers. I think it’s a great idea and it makes these companies look like they are really trying.

So here is the latest Chinese New Year offering from Krispy Kreme – chicken inspired donuts to celebrate the Year of the Rooster.

I really don’t like donuts so I didn’t try them, but they look seriously cute. Gong Xi Faa Cai!