Inside-Out T shirts

Inside-Out T shirts

t-1 t-2 t-4

Two for the price of one, not to mention the fact that you can take only 1 item on a short trip and quick-change into something ‘different’ whilst keeping plenty of space in your bag for shopping.

I wish more clothing firms did this sort of thing… there are the odd examples from travel specialists like Patagonia, from whom I bought the T shirt in 2 shades of blue.

The silky one is another story. I found the fabric in Hanoi, and brought some home to show the local ‘lady with a sewing machine’ who does alterations and repairs.  She was not impressed. I had to go back numerous times over the space of 3 months before she could be persuaded to give it a try, but in the end I was pretty pleased.

Shame I won’t be getting another one in a different set of colours – apparently it was incredibly difficult to sew without contrasting hems, and she told me very firmly there was no way she was making any more. Never mind, there’s a lot of life in this one.

Twelve Ways

12-1 12-3 12-6

There really are 12 ways you can wear this particular item of clothing, and probably more if you are especially inventive.

Twelve Ways is the name of the item and the Canadian company which invented it. They call it the most versatile piece of clothing you will ever find, and it is certainly an ideal piece to have in your travel wardrobe.

At $85, and available in a variety of colours, it has zips and draw strings that create a ruched effect, and can be worn as a top, a skirt, a dress, and accessorised up or down as you choose. By adjusting the different parts you can make things longer or shorter, open them up for a split seam effect, and generally run the full gamut from smart to slinky.

Best of all, the polyester/spandex fabric doesn’t wrinkle, packs really small, and is easily hand washed in cold water in a hotel sink. Following a visit by daughter #2, I no longer seem to have one of these in my collection of travel clothing. Looks like I shall be ordering another very soon.

Ali Baba Pants

ali baba 1ali baba 4 ali baba 9

I do love a piece of clothing you can play around with, and these pants, spotted on Arab Street in Singapore, looked like they might be fun.

Big and baggy, with a comfortable elasticated waist and gathered at the ankles harem-style, these pants have loops on the sides and buttons at the waist so you can alter the style at will.

So – wear them as is, falling in big folds along your thigh, or turn the excess material inside to create a couple of large pockets. Or – take the loops and fasten them to whichever buttons take your fancy, they can cross over in multiple combinations at both front and back.

Daughter #2 thought these were great, loose enough to lounge around in at home whilst still looking vaguely stylish. We had fun bargaining these down to S$20, and feel sure they will see a lot of use.