Bonsai Cookie Tree

Bonsai Cookie Tree

One of the things synonymous with Japan is how beautiful the details are, and how exquisitely things are presented. It can be anything from an elaborate tea ceremony sweet that looks like a folded leaf, to the way the shop assistant angles the paper before wrapping up a gift.

In the food hall of Takashimaya department store I was brought to a standstill by this ‘tree’, looking like a bonsai but with ‘leaves’ made up of cookies. And not just any old cookies, but intensely flavoured matcha cookies with white chocolate sandwiched inside.

Better still, instead of just broken pieces to sample, entire cookies were being handed out as an enticement to buy…

Just another of the million reasons why I love Japan so much!

Chicken Cookies

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chicken cookie 2 chicken cookie 1

I saw these in a Thai supermarket and wondered what they tasted like. I mean, crackers come in all sorts of tempting flavours these days, especially the ones with cheese, so I thought they would be worth a go.

Hmm, if you are the sort of person who likes roast chicken flavoured crisps, these might appeal. I don’t, and the smell alone was enough to put me off before I even tasted the awfulness of these.

Two words: just don’t!