Model’s Own Pop-Up

Model’s Own Pop-Up

Sometimes it is all about the presentation or the packaging rather than the product.

Model’s Own is fun and colourful, although not the priciest or most prestigious cosmetic brand on the high street. But you really have to give them credit for this sort of self-publicity – a giant nail polish bottle shaped pop-up stall bang in the centre of the pavement on Orchard Road in Singapore.

There are displays of makeup and nail polishes inside, pink ‘polish’ spilling out of the end of the bottle, and the whole thing is a total eye catcher. Good luck to them!

Hair Shadow Pots


Here’s a variation on those hair mascaras and hair pencils which are designed to cover up the odd grey hair. It features a container I have seen before in use for blushers, with a mirrored lid and a ‘secret’ compartment underneath to hold the applicator. In this case it is a padded cloth ball rather than a blusher brush, but it works in a similar way.

What I could not fathom, though, was why – here in Asia where everyone’s natural hair colour is black – this product came in 3 shades of brown. I tested it out but was not persuaded to part with 14,500 won, however interesting the packaging.