Food Anatomy

Food Anatomy

A whole bunch of new shops and food stalls have just opened in our local MRT station, and this one really jumped out at me.

Food Anatomy’s premise is to make design and presentation as much a part of your lunch as the taste. Their motto is: ‘delicious is not enough and every dish must also look beautiful’.

I would add – your (savoury) lunch should also look like dessert – because I honestly thought the items on display were colourful cubes of cake until I looked more closely.

Each tasting portion has been developed as a graphic design project as much as a culinary creation, with certain dishes ‘deconstructed’ to add to the aesthetic. Hence you have a nasi lemak which actually comes as a stack of slices of each individual ingredient, although the lasagne already fit nicely into the general design.

At S$6.90 for 3 (although this was an end of the day special – lunches come with salad for slightly more) these were not just fun and delicious but an absolute steal.