Fortune Cupcakes

Fortune Cupcakes

This is really silly but lots of fun – a cupcake twist on the (usually) Chinese fortune cookie.

‘Fortune Cakes’ gives you a dozen silicone cupcake moulds, each imprinted with a ‘fortune’ you can only see once you have eaten your cupcake.

You might get ‘life is uncertain, eat dessert first’ or ‘a balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand’. They are all different and equally amusing.

I really like these, and feel it would be shame to save them just for Chinese New Year…

Collagen Tea (and low-cal cupcakes)

cupcake-2 cupcake-1 cupcake-4

This little café was quite a find, with its Japanese ambiance and colourful treats to eat. We particularly liked the collagen tea, which has a bright turquoise layer of collagen jelly on the bottom, through which you drink your tea. OK, it is slightly odd, but in a country where tea regularly comes full of sago pearls and fruit ‘boba’ bubbles, it isn’t too much of a challenge.

The low calorie cupcakes were a bonus. Lady A Cupcakes actually offers nothing to eat but cupcakes, on the grounds that it if focuses on one thing, it will do a better job.

So the cake is light, either Madagascar vanilla or Belgian chocolate, sitting on a base of caramelised cookie for an interesting difference in texture. The low calorie frosting does not overwhelm the cake, unlike other brands I could mention, and is less sugary so you can actually taste the flavour.

As the menu says: ‘I am baked for the ladies, so I am always less sweet, has lower calories and I look really pretty too~ I know these are important to you.’

Our cupcake and collagen tea sets cost just S$4.90, which made this a tasty and very affordable treat.