Adhesive Earrings

Adhesive Earrings

Another treasure from Daiso at the usual bargain $2, I bought these as a joke and sent them to daughter #2.

The premise is simple, you just peel the earring carefully from the backing card, attach it to your ear holding the end of the tape, then either cut or pull the tape away leaving the earring stuck firmly to your skin.

I was expecting to hear these were useless, but to my surprise daughter #2 thought they were great. They apparently stayed on for days, survived repeated hair washings, and were easy to reapply with the spare sticky patches provided once the original wore out.

Not bad for $2!

Portable Toilet Bag

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There’s a phrase where I come from, used to describe the contents of a suitcase or car that has been over packed … we say it has ‘everything but the kitchen sink’. This portable toilet bag reminded me of that, because it really does seem over cautious to be packing your own toilet.

Mind you, I can think of trips I have taken where the ‘facilities’ have been a huge trial. In the wilds of Western Tibet, for example, the toilets are so basic and horrible that it is actually better when they don’t exist and you have to find yourself a quiet spot in the open. And on some long train journeys, the bathrooms tend to be locked not just during but also for an hour before AND after stops at places where you never know if there is time to risk a quick dash into the station building. Travelling on the Trans-Siberian with 2 small children, this was sometimes an enormous problem…

Anyway, when I saw these in ever reliable Daiso, I had to give them a go. The packet says they are very handy for traffic jams and disasters, although to be honest I cannot see how anyone but a child could get away with using one in a car.

The dark blue bag has a zip lock fastener to prevent nasty spills afterwards, and a strange, foam piece at the neck which ladies are advised to fold over the top. I am not clear how this makes the opening any wider as advertised, and you can’t then fold it inside the used bag afterwards, but never mind.

Inside the bag is a handful of white grains that are supposed to turn liquids to jelly, and absorb the smell. As this gave off a disturbingly savoury aroma like prawn crackers as the bag was opened, I was not optimistic, but in fact it all worked exactly as claimed.

Although the bag is dark blue, it is still fairly see through, so it is nice that the kit includes a small black ‘bin liner’ in which to hide everything until you can dispose of it discreetly.

I can’t say I am ever going to be carrying one of these around on a normal trip, but for just S$2, if I had toddlers in tow, I might be tempted to slip a couple into my rucksack.

Salt and Vinegar Candy

Category : Food

candy-1 candy-3 candy-5

These popped up in Daiso, yet another example of the Asian tendency to combine ingredients in ways that would horrify Westerners, but for S$2 a packet, I felt they were worth a try.

I know that tomato is technically a fruit, so it has some natural sweetness, but the Salt Tomato candy was too bizarre to taste for long. It’s not that there was too much salt, but combined with the sugar of the candy it was just wrong.

The Lychee Vinegar candy was reasonably good in comparison. I didn’t like it at all, but it was reminiscent of those sour pear candies which were popular when I was young, except with too much sugary lychee taste.

I am packing the rest of these off to daughters #1 and #2 in England and await their verdict with interest…

Eyeliner Transfers

tattoo-liner-2 tattoo-liner-1 tattoo-liner-3

I have to stop buying/trying these sort of things – they look so cool on the shelf yet prove almost impossible to apply properly in real life.

These particular transfers, with their artistic variations on the regular cat’s eye flick-style eyeliner, looked amazing. But somehow they seemed to be printed the wrong way up. It might be better if the main body of the line curved down rather than up, so it would be easier to get them in the right position on your eyelid. You’d need to have that eye closed, of course, but still…

As it was, once the messing about with wet cotton pads was done, there were distinct gaps between transfer and eyelashes which needed filling in with a steady hand. At only SS2 per packet, I can’t really complain, but these things are probably more trouble than they are worth.

Chocolate Wrappers

sweet-1 sweet-2 sweet-3

You know how it is when you pop into the £1 Shop, or your local equivalent – which in my case happens to be Daiso – you end up coming away with all sorts of ridiculous bargains and items you never knew you needed.

Once in a while, however, you discover a little gem, which is what happened with these S$2 packets of foil chocolate wrappers with stick on bits and pieces.

Look at them! In just a few seconds you can transform your confectionery creations (or something you bought in the store) into a masterpiece of irresistible cuteness. The packet I found contained enough decorated foil sheets for 12 chocolates, complete with the faces, tails and paws to turn them into adorable little animals.

Perfect for tea parties, especially with small children…

‘Secret’ Post-Its

secret-2 secret-1 secret-3

Something else too silly to leave behind on the shelves of Daiso, our local S$2 shop…

These ‘Post-It’ style notes are shaped like ice cream cones, which is amusing enough, but the ice cream part peels away to reveal another, differently coloured scoop below. This is where you write your secret message, before covering it back up so that only the recipient will read it. Theoretically.

I don’t imagine there will be anything secret about these for more than 5 minutes after the first time you use them, but they are novel, cute and entertaining, so I had to have them.

Makeup Transfer

eye-transfer-5 eye-transfer-4 eye-transfer-1

This one was a struggle from beginning to end.

Like all transfers, you have to cut it down to size first, then position it carefully before wetting the paper to let transfer the pattern to your skin. Doing this around your own eyes is not easy, as you can’t really see what you are doing until it is too late to put things right.

In this case, the pattern – whilst very pretty in the packet – was so big that various parts of it stuck to each other as soon as daughter #2 opened her eyes. OK, so maybe it hadn’t been given long enough to dry, but it was still way more tricky than it needed to be.

Even at only S$2, this kind of thing is not good for much but messing around on a lazy afternoon or – potentially – as a fun embellishment to a fancy dress costume. Good luck!

Crazy Lashes

star lash 5 star lash 2 star lash 1

There appears to be no end to the silly things you can buy for S$2 at Daiso, and it seems even sillier to leave them behind at that price. Which is how we ended up trying these highly decorative eyelashes with their clusters of stars. Like all false lashes, however, they proved to be really tricky to apply – not just getting them into the right position, but making them stay put once there. With a lot of patience and a new tube of eyelash glue, these would be great for a fancy dress party, but otherwise it is best not to bother…

Onsen Egg Maker

onsen egg 1 onsen egg 3 onsen egg 4

In my experience, you have to be fairly confident in your cooking abilities to tackle a poached egg – it can be really tricky to get it right without making a hideous mess in the pan, or producing some mutant result with white trailing in all directions.

Yet poached eggs are so much lower calorie and healthier than any version that has been in the frying pan…

Hence I was delighted to discover this ‘poach in the microwave’ gadget from Daiso. It is quick and easy to use, works a treat and is no trouble to clean up afterwards. You simply crack the egg into the mould, poke a couple of holes in the yolk (so it does not explode), and cover it with water. Just 50 seconds later, less time than it takes to toast a slice of bread, your egg is ready. Drain the water carefully through the handy holes, and your egg is ready to serve.

I am not sure why this is called an onsen egg maker, since traditionally that means an egg cooked in hot spring water, but let us not quibble over the name… this product works really well and costs a bargain S$2.

onsen egg 5

Water Bottle Tea Bag

Category : Food

green 1 green 2 green 4

This is one of those things you have to see to get your head round, but which then makes perfect sense. You want a large bottle of green tea in your fridge without the bother of making up a series of jugs to fill it up? Here is what to do… Take one very long tube-shaped tea bag, stick it into a bottle of your favourite mineral water,  hold it in place by trapping the end with the bottle top, then wait until the tea is the concentration you desire. Easy!

There are several varieties of tea available in these special bags, from mugi cha to standard black tea as well as the more popular green. From most Japanese grocery stores, ¥100 yen for a pack of 3.

green 3 green 5