Heel Decals

Heel Decals

How to give your shoes that designer look without spending hundreds of dollars? Well, if you are after the full ‘Louboutin’ then you could always try red enamel paint or even nail polish, otherwise there are heel decals like these.

Another fun product from Heels Diva, there are patterns ranging from hearts and houndstooth to wavy stripes and flowers, all for under S$13. According to the packaging, they ‘add a flash of personality to the arch of a pair of heels, instantly making personal statement shoes!’

The blurb also claims these are ‘easily applied’, although I would take that with a pinch of salt. The decals are peel and stick, but the shiny plastic is so thin that it tears very easily so has to be handled really carefully.

Having tried to stick them onto an old pair of heels, I would suggest you start with a brand new pair undamaged by wear and tear and completely free from the dirt and grit you pick up in the great outdoors (because however well you think you have cleaned them up, those soles will never be completely smooth again).

I would also make a template of the area you want to cover, then trace it out extremely carefully on the decals before you cut them to size. Even then, the slightest miscalculation as you start to stick them down will mean a serious overlap further along the shoe.

The major problem we found was that trimming the decals to size after application was extremely difficult. Small tears and ragged edges were impossible to avoid, although the worst of the damage was fairly easily fixed with judicious use of a black Sharpie round the edges. How long the decals will stay on remains to be seen, especially in British weather, and I await reports from ‘club night’ with interest.