DHA Gummies

DHA Gummies

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At first glance this looks like a very sneaky trick – sweets claiming to boost brain function. I can imagine the scenario now… “but Mummmm, they’ll help me with my homework!”

These gummies are made in Malaysia by Scotts (tagline: nurturing family health for over 100 years) but are produced under licence from major international pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, which means there must be some serious science behind them even if they are to be found on the confectionery shelf of convenience stores.

The DHA in the name is an omega 3 fatty acid which supports normal brain development, brain functioning and eyesight. Vitamin D is included, for immunity support, healthy growth and bone development. Pity that the main ingredient is sugar, but never mind, your child is only supposed to eat 3 per day, so it can’t do that much damage.

In the interest of research, I did try a couple of these, and if I hadn’t read the blurb on the packaging I would never have guessed there was a good medical reason to eat them. In fact, with their tasty strawberry flavour and cute fishy shapes, it would have been very easy to finish off the whole packet.

As there are only 15 gummies in a packet, you might have to work your way through quite a few before you notice any difference in your child’s performance at school. So it probably isn’t worth me sending what is left in mine to daughter #2 before her exams…