Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath

Now this really is a ‘cool’ snack.

New in Singapore and still wildly popular, this takes the culinary use of liquid nitrogen to new levels. Rather than using the nitrogen to freeze, say, fruit puree into ice cream, here it is poured over a selection of extremely porous bite-sized snacks like meringues or corn puffs.

Each snack absorbs the nitrogen mist and holds it until you crack it open in your mouth, at which point it pours out in disconcerting fashion. Once you get the hang of it, you can then breathe out plumes of mist, which of course makes for great photos.

Of course this is not without some degree of hazard, as the liquid nitrogen is so cold that it would be easy to ‘burn’ your mouth. Warning notices explain that you should crack the snack items without holding them on your tongue or against your gums. Even so, after sharing a single container between 3 of us, we all felt the burn for ages afterwards.

So totally worth it, though!