Carrot Eggs

Carrot Eggs

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These popped up in the supermarket recently, so of course I had to investigate.

Obviously they are not laid by carrots, or even by hens which have been eating carrots, which would have been an interesting sight.

In fact, the ‘carrot’ part is the bright orange yolk inside, which comes from the hens being fed alfalfa or marigold petals. These make the yolk high in lutein, which apparently helps prevent eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration.

It’s also an amusing throwback to the old wife’s tale that eating carrots is good for your eyes (because rabbits can see so well in the dark…)

They taste exactly the same although are slightly more expensive than regular eggs, at S$3.25 for 10, but what price your eyesight?

Instant Eggs

Category : Food

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In my mother’s day, ‘instant eggs’ would have meant the powdered variety that came in a box, tasted horrible no matter how you reconstituted it, and was the bane of the rationing years.

These days it means UHT sterilised eggs which are individually vacuum sealed and can be eaten directly from the packet.

These are braised with soy sauce and spices, and can be bought at convenience stores to add extra nourishment to your instant pot noodle lunch. They are made in Taiwan and appear to last for months without refrigeration, although once the packet is open you are advised to eat them at once.

I sampled them as possible supplies for an upcoming trek in the wilds of western Tibet, but did not expect to like them. Well, like is possibly a bit strong a word in this case, and my trekking buddy hated them, but I have tasted a lot worse, and feel these might be very welcome in a tent at 5,000 metres.