Peeling Kit

Peeling Kit

This was new at Etude House, and I rather liked the suitcase design of the packet, not to mention the fact that a proper peeling is quite an expensive business and these kits were very good value.

The packet pulls apart into 3 handy sachets, and you start at the bottom with the peeling swab. This is like a giant wet cotton bud, which you wipe carefully over your face from centre to the sides, avoiding the mouth and eyes. It felt a little tingly, but not in a painful way.

Next the brightening peeling serum, which is a clear liquid, then finally a slightly gelatinous sheet mask to cool off and soothe the skin.

I enjoyed the 3 part process, but have to say I did not see any noticeable ‘peeling’ even though the ingredients list includes lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids. It is possible that the effect only becomes noticeable after a day or so, but even so, I suspect I will be sticking to the regular sheet masks instead.

Bangs Cut Kit

Sometimes you see something so silly you cannot help but buy it. OK, maybe that’s just me…

But look at this – a clip on spirit level for your fringe, so you can cut it straight or simply thin it out evenly with the scissors that come alongside.

On second thoughts, this is something of a godsend for anyone who has made a terrible mistake whilst trying to trim their own hair at home, or even managed to bodge someone else’s (sorry, daughter #1, you probably don’t remember but the photographic evidence still remains) .

This is from Etude House, and gave me a great deal of simple entertainment before I even opened the packet. And I guess you could say that it works pretty well, assuming you have the confidence enough to take the plunge and snip. I kind of chickened out, only trimming a tiny amount before heading for the hairdresser as planned.

(In my defence, I really am still traumatised by the fringe catastrophe visited on daughter #1 all those years ago, to the extent that I don’t go near children’s hair with scissors)

This is a fun and useful tool, though, which is presumably why it was seized upon and removed to England by daughter #2, who trims her own hair all the time.

Photo Hair Liner

This appears to have been designed purely with that perfect selfie in mind – it’s a cushion tipped powder ‘pencil’ which you can use to neaten up and define your hairline for better photos.

In a way, although this is a powder rather than the traditional paint, it reminded me of classic geisha makeup. The heart shaped hairline and all important pointed design at the nape of the neck were drawn over the white face paint to accentuate these key features, and were even more than the eyes or tiny rosebud lips.

This particular product is from Etude House and is such a curiosity, not to mention quite expensive at S$12.90, that I shall be interested to see how long it remains available.

Lip Tint Eraser

The whole point of lip tint, I am told, is that it sinks in and stays, rather than coming off on your glass (or your boyfriend) like normal lipstick does.

All well and good, until you make a mistake as you apply it – at which point it is a huge problem to remove.

Which is why daughter #2 snapped up this tube of special eraser on sight at Etude House. It’s a clear jelly and goes on rather like a lip salve, even containing shea butter to moisturise and nourish lips which are dry and flaky from overuse of lip tint.

You rub it in gently then wipe away for instant and effective removal, especially useful when the colour has strayed over your lip line. This particular product was declared a monster hit, and I expect to be mailing extra tubes to the UK fairly soon…

Leg Stretching Patches

Well for a start, these do not stretch your legs, whatever the illustration might lead you to believe. The patches themselves do stretch, however, which makes them easy to apply to the curve of your calves.

From Korean firm Etude House, these contain pumpkin extract and caffeine, and closer investigation reveals that they are really designed to give tired legs a boost. As they are cold and sticky, they certainly wake you up whilst you are wearing them, mainly because they are too uncomfortable to relax in.

Although they were fun to try, in the end I think I would prefer to drink my caffeine and get a boost that way.

Scalp Scent Killer


Really? Have you ever been afraid your head smelled bad?? Me neither!

This looks to me like another of those products engineered to give women something new to worry about, and it amused me greatly that it comes from the OMG! Range by Etude House. I noted that it apparently serves the dual purpose of being a conditioning hair essence as well as a scalp deodorant, but was still not persuaded to buy it. Not at S$15. I mean… OMG!

Brow Trimmers

brow-snip-4 brow-snip-2 brow-snip-1

It never occurred to me before that eyebrows might need trimming – a quick tidy up with tweezers every couple of days has always seemed to work just fine.

But it is always nice to be corrected on these things, especially by Korean beauty experts like Etude House, who have produced this fascinating bit of equipment to address yet another problem you did not know you had.

Essentially, it’s a pair of scissors with a tiny comb built in, shaped and sized to use easily on your eyebrows without having to twist your wrist into strange positions to get the angle right.

You use the comb to sweep the brow hairs up, then close the blade to cut them into shape. Which is actually a slightly scary thing to do for the first time, when you are not sure what the final look will be.

Happily, I can report that these work well, the scissors snip cleanly and you are left with neatly groomed eyebrows. A satisfactory outcome, especially for just S$6. Except if I want to use these again I shall have to go and buy another pair… daughter #2 liked them so much they have disappeared back to England with her…

Eyebrow Glue


This was described to me as “like hairspray for eyebrows”, and it is apparently a vital tool in the makeup kit of daughter #2.

It looks like a mascara wand, with the same sort of spiral brush to apply the product, except that this is clear. The brush itself tidies up and straightens the brow hairs, and the ‘glue’ then holds them in place. As a bonus, if you have applied eyebrow pencil then it makes the colour last longer.

Both these things are apparently incredibly useful if you have a fringe, because otherwise, adjusting that can mess up your carefully groomed brows.

Although this is not in the product description, according to daughter #2 you can also make additional use of eyebrow glue on your eyelashes. If you apply it after mascara, let it dry briefly, then use eyelash curlers, the glue sets the lashes really well in their curled position.

(Both the glue and the special mascara remover daughter #2 uses come from Etude House, so experiment carefully if you try this at home with products of your own!)

Photo credit to daughter #2

Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack

b tea 1 b tea 2 b tea 3

Bubble Tea is one of those food trends that isn’t going away – in Singapore at least. It’s a bit of a teen craze, with the flavoured, milky teas ‘sweetened’ with sago pearls and fruity boba balls that burst in your mouth like caviar.

So it was only a matter of time before someone took the idea and turned it into a cute and colourful beauty product.

Step up Etude House, who have already entertained the youth market successfully with the likes of ‘dessert’ lip and cheek colours, plus ‘jam’ shower gel teamed with a ‘toast’ sponge.

Their latest offering is a sleeping pack made to look exactly like a cup of bubble tea, with milky strawberry gel plus dark red moisture capsule boba to stir up from the bottom, which promises to bring bright vitality to your skin overnight.

The trick is to scoop up a boba with the clip-on spoon provided, then squish it on your palm and stir it up with some of the pale pink gel. You apply this to your face (leaving enough time for it to soak into your skin rather than the pillow) and let it work whilst you sleep.

The product smells delicious and feels silky smooth, although you do look slightly odd and shiny when it is first applied. Daughter #2 and I have had fun with this and are using it on a regular basis.

You can get this in black and green tea versions as well, and each cup is supposed to contain enough to use every night for a month. It’s a really nice treat and not bad value at about S$20 a pot.

bubble 1 bubble 4