Travel Lash Tool

Travel Lash Tool

I’m a great fan of anything that does several jobs at once. I love the idea that someone has thought of a way to combine two or more tools into one, and I really love anything which will make packing quicker and lighter for my travels.

This little tool ticked all those boxes, although I suppose I have managed to get along without it perfectly well up until now.

Never mind, it cost S$2 and manages to incorporate not just a brush which could be used either to tidy your brows or apply mascara, but also a comb to untangle any clumping of freshly mascara-ed lashes. More importantly, especially when you consider how messy stray mascara can be, the comb folds neatly into the handle and there is a cover for the brush which screws securely into place.

I can see this is going to become an indispensable part of my travelling make-up kit.

Brow Trimmers

brow-snip-4 brow-snip-2 brow-snip-1

It never occurred to me before that eyebrows might need trimming – a quick tidy up with tweezers every couple of days has always seemed to work just fine.

But it is always nice to be corrected on these things, especially by Korean beauty experts like Etude House, who have produced this fascinating bit of equipment to address yet another problem you did not know you had.

Essentially, it’s a pair of scissors with a tiny comb built in, shaped and sized to use easily on your eyebrows without having to twist your wrist into strange positions to get the angle right.

You use the comb to sweep the brow hairs up, then close the blade to cut them into shape. Which is actually a slightly scary thing to do for the first time, when you are not sure what the final look will be.

Happily, I can report that these work well, the scissors snip cleanly and you are left with neatly groomed eyebrows. A satisfactory outcome, especially for just S$6. Except if I want to use these again I shall have to go and buy another pair… daughter #2 liked them so much they have disappeared back to England with her…

Eyebrow Glue


This was described to me as “like hairspray for eyebrows”, and it is apparently a vital tool in the makeup kit of daughter #2.

It looks like a mascara wand, with the same sort of spiral brush to apply the product, except that this is clear. The brush itself tidies up and straightens the brow hairs, and the ‘glue’ then holds them in place. As a bonus, if you have applied eyebrow pencil then it makes the colour last longer.

Both these things are apparently incredibly useful if you have a fringe, because otherwise, adjusting that can mess up your carefully groomed brows.

Although this is not in the product description, according to daughter #2 you can also make additional use of eyebrow glue on your eyelashes. If you apply it after mascara, let it dry briefly, then use eyelash curlers, the glue sets the lashes really well in their curled position.

(Both the glue and the special mascara remover daughter #2 uses come from Etude House, so experiment carefully if you try this at home with products of your own!)

Photo credit to daughter #2

Eyebrow Bra

eyebrow bra 3 eyebrow bra 2

The description on the packaging is what sold this to me – ‘a push up bra for your eyebrows’. Essentially, it is a thick and creamy highlighter dressed up as a pencil, which makes it very easy to apply.

It is made in Germany, is apparently also useful as a concealer, and although it cost a fairly pricey S$12.90, it is clearly a quality product.

My tester found the pink colour a little strange, but according to the packaging this is a ‘universal colour’ which will match any eyebrow shade. And once it was on and blended, she was pleased with the results and felt it actually did make her eyebrows appear pushed up. She did say she would wear it again, but would probably save it for a more dressy occasion.

brow bra 3  brow bra 2 brow bra 1

Brow Stencils

brow stencil 7 brow stencil 6 brow stencil 8

Beauty stencils are having a moment here in Asia, with options available for all sorts of makeup applications.

Brow stencils are possibly the most popular, as it is common here to shave off your brows and draw them back in on a daily basis. Not everyone has a steady enough hand and the artistic skill to do this with consistent results, which is why these have taken off.

But if you still have your natural brows and simply want to enhance them, these may not be the best thing to try as the stencils won’t necessarily suit your existing eyebrow shape.

They are easy to use, however, especially as the rubbery texture makes them stick to your foundation, which helps hold them in place as you apply your eyebrow pencil.

My tester found them to be disappointing, because they gave her a more severe look than she would normally create for herself, although if she was slightly older and needing a strong look for the office, they would probably have worked very well.

Just another of those unusual items which are fun to try, and at S$2 a packet, hardly a loss.

brow stencil 3 brow stencil 12 brow stencil 11

Brow Tint Gel

brow gel 1 brow gel 2

Here’s a great new idea from Korean beauty firm Etude House – a DIY eyebrow dye that works on both brow hairs and the skin beneath to give you the eyebrow shape of your dreams.

This sort of thing is particularly useful in Asia, where ladies frequently shave off their eyebrows and paint in new ones every day. If you have been doing this for a while, or have simply over-plucked your eyebrows, you can find they don’t grow back properly and need a lot of work with pencils and brushes to fill in any gaps.

Tint My Brows Gel promises to address this problem by giving you an eyebrow that lasts far longer than anything you can apply with a make-up pencil. The gel needs to be applied thickly in the required shape, then left for at least 2 hours to dry.

Surprisingly, once the product is on your eyebrows it is easy to forget it is there, which means you can get quite a surprise if you catch sight of yourself in a mirror. Taking it off is a little tricky, as you want it to peel away from your eyebrows without bringing any of them with it, so it pays to take your time and pick gently rather than pulling it off in one go.

The result is really impressive. The gel looks very dark whilst it is drying, but it leaves a subtle colour on the hairs and skin which nicely replicates the look of a carefully applied eyebrow pencil – except this does not wash off or rub onto your pillow. For before, during and after, see below.

At S$15.90, this was worth every penny and I suspect that several tubes of it will be heading back to England after the summer holidays are over.

brow gel 3 brow gel 4 brow gel 6 brow gel 7