Travel Lash Tool

Travel Lash Tool

I’m a great fan of anything that does several jobs at once. I love the idea that someone has thought of a way to combine two or more tools into one, and I really love anything which will make packing quicker and lighter for my travels.

This little tool ticked all those boxes, although I suppose I have managed to get along without it perfectly well up until now.

Never mind, it cost S$2 and manages to incorporate not just a brush which could be used either to tidy your brows or apply mascara, but also a comb to untangle any clumping of freshly mascara-ed lashes. More importantly, especially when you consider how messy stray mascara can be, the comb folds neatly into the handle and there is a cover for the brush which screws securely into place.

I can see this is going to become an indispensable part of my travelling make-up kit.

Eyelash Curlers

lash-curl-8 lash-curler-2 lash-curler-1

These have been around for ever, and look like instruments of torture to me, but I am told that they provide an essential finishing touch.

Here is a slightly updated version from Japan, with ‘teeth’ to separate lashes which might otherwise clump together. Daughter #2 thought it was great, working far better than her usual curlers to spread out her lashes and make them look ‘amazing’.

She took that home with her too, which is fine. There was no way I would be persuaded to incorporate that into my daily routine…

Crazy Lashes

star lash 5 star lash 2 star lash 1

There appears to be no end to the silly things you can buy for S$2 at Daiso, and it seems even sillier to leave them behind at that price. Which is how we ended up trying these highly decorative eyelashes with their clusters of stars. Like all false lashes, however, they proved to be really tricky to apply – not just getting them into the right position, but making them stay put once there. With a lot of patience and a new tube of eyelash glue, these would be great for a fancy dress party, but otherwise it is best not to bother…