Abracadabra Eye Mask

Abracadabra Eye Mask

Abracadabra Eye Mask

This is from the Glam Rock range by Korean firm Too Cool For School. As with most Korean skincare and cosmetic products, how it looks is just as important as how it performs, so this eye mask is not only shaped like something you’d see on Zorro, it also has a pretty lace pattern.

This type of mask tends to be made of hydrogel and slippery wet with product. Unless you have a silicone over-mask to hold it in place, you absolutely need to lie down somewhere until your 10 to 20 minutes are up, otherwise this will be in your lap and soaking your clothes in no time.

But they do work really well, especially if they have been in the fridge for a while first. I use them a lot, and – having tried this one – I am sorry that Too Cool For School has closed in Singapore. It may be some time before I am back in Seoul.

Makeup Transfer

eye-transfer-5 eye-transfer-4 eye-transfer-1

This one was a struggle from beginning to end.

Like all transfers, you have to cut it down to size first, then position it carefully before wetting the paper to let transfer the pattern to your skin. Doing this around your own eyes is not easy, as you can’t really see what you are doing until it is too late to put things right.

In this case, the pattern – whilst very pretty in the packet – was so big that various parts of it stuck to each other as soon as daughter #2 opened her eyes. OK, so maybe it hadn’t been given long enough to dry, but it was still way more tricky than it needed to be.

Even at only S$2, this kind of thing is not good for much but messing around on a lazy afternoon or – potentially – as a fun embellishment to a fancy dress costume. Good luck!

Eyeliner Ruler

liner ruler 7 liner ruler 2 liner ruler 3

For all of you who find it really hard to achieve that perfectly matched pair of cat’s eye flicks, here’s a small bit indispensable piece of kit you need to have in your make-up bag.

S$2 buys a set of 3 short lengths of bendy, rubbery ‘ruler’ which you can use to draw the lines to the same length and at the same angle. Daughter #2 gave this the big thumbs up and said: “it’s cool! It can be really difficult to make the lines the same, the number of times you have to take it off to do it again… “

For added amusement, the rulers also have a cut out star and heart, so you can stencil those in as well. These are Korean, obviously.


Eye Shadow Transfer

shadow transfer 3 shadow transfer 2 shadow transfer 1

This is another of those mad ideas which looks fabulous in the packet but is so much trouble to apply that it turns out not to be worth the effort. Which is a shame, because if you really could go out with such an amazing design on your lids, you would definitely turn heads.

Like all transfers, these need trimming down first, which in the case of trying to fit them to the shape of your own eyelids, is pretty difficult. Next you need to peel off the protective plastic film, position it all just right, then soak off the paper backing to transfer the design to your skin.

Let’s stop a moment to consider the reality of doing this before you go out on the town. You already have your makeup on, so getting water everywhere is not a good plan. The transfer is really sticky, and you need to sit there with your eye closed so it dries flat on your eyelid. This takes time… twice, and even longer when you discover your eyelids are somehow glued shut so must be prised open gently in an effort not to damage the design.

The end result was, frankly, awful. The design you see when you buy it is actually the undeside, which means the true colours are very much stronger than you are expecting. Plus normal facial movements make the pattern seem wrinkled even on young eyelids.

The only mercy was that the design peeled off fairly easily. It was fun to try, and at 35 Thai Baht a packet, reasonably cheap, but we won’t be trying it again.

Steam Eye Mask

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eye mask 1 eye mask 2 eye mask on

This fascinating product is made by Kao in Japan, and is described as ‘an innovative self-warming steam mask’ which heats up gradually to 40 degrees C and produces steam which ‘relieves and relaxes your hard working eyes’. A hard sachet inside each half of the mask sits over your eyes, and these hold iron powder which starts to oxidise when it comes into contact with the air. The chemical reaction produces heat and so the mask begins to warm up as soon as you remove it from the foil pouch, and this also triggers the release of the aromatherapy scent. There are several varieties including rose and lavender, but I chose the chamomile and ginger aroma for calm, and relief of stress.

The mask itself is made of a soft, stretchy material more like fabric than paper, with a slit to accommodate your nose and loops to slip over your ears to hold it in place. I was afraid that 40 degrees C would be a little too hot for me, but in fact there was no problem and I found the chamomile and ginger scent to be very pleasant and not at all overpowering. I used this mask in the morning whilst still in bed, and it could easily have sent me back to sleep again. I kept it on for about 20 minutes but it stayed warm for at least an hour. The steam isn’t visible but my eyes did become moist, so I am not sure I would like to try this in an office lunch break as suggested, for fear of my mascara running down my face. It might be very nice on an overnight flight, though. At S$6.50 for a box of 5 masks, this is really good value.