Instant Face Lift Strips

Instant Face Lift Strips

Category : Beauty

I have seen something like this before, holding back the wrinkles on an elderly female celebrity who should probably remain nameless. In her case, they came with little strings attached which fastened behind her head and were not quite covered by her thinning hair. It was a sad sight, frankly…

These are clearly the updated version, each one viable by itself rather than relying on attaching to the string of its mirror image on the other side of the face.

In fact they are ingeniously designed. You detach a single strip and peel off the backing behind the tab marked 1. Stick that in place, pull it up to stretch the skin and smooth away the wrinkles or that sagging jawline, then peel off the backing on the rest of the strip and push it firmly into place. The pink film on the surface then also peels away to leave an almost invisible clear strip.

I say almost, because at that stage you look like you have stuck sellotape onto your face. It does cover up with foundation, but I would say you wouldn’t want to let anyone get close because the strips remain visible to a sharp eye. For a photo shoot, however, these would probably be perfect. Look – no airbrushing required!

I bought this in Japan for a very reasonable ¥800, and the packet contains 30 strips together with a huge sheet of illustrations showing exactly how to use them. I am going to squirrel these away carefully, because the time is surely coming when I shall be very glad I have them!