Jeju Volcanic Steam Towel

Jeju Volcanic Steam Towel

This looked like fun, a microfiber 3D towel from Innisfree, designed to steam your face and open up the pores before you then apply a face mask. (Preferably a volcanic clay one…)

In case you were wondering what a ‘3D’ towel is, that simply means it has been shaped and sewn into a contoured mask which fits neatly over your nose then curves around your cheeks. Amusing embroidered lids and lashes try to make you look more appealing as you are wearing it. (This is Korean, of course, so all about the cuteness as well as the efficiency of the product.)

The instructions tell you to wet the towel and microwave it for 20 seconds before placing it on your face for 5 minutes. If you have ever been offered a steaming hot hand towel in a restaurant, you will know exactly what that means – you have to toss it swiftly from hand to hand and shake it out a bit before you can use it without scalding your fingers.

Not wanting to burn my face, I may have wafted this about a bit too long, because it then went cold well before the 5 minutes were up.  But it was very refreshing and made my face feel soft and moisturised. I tried this out first thing in the morning, and did not actually use a face mask afterwards, although I probably will do that next time.

As the mask is made of towelling, you can wash it out and re-use it multiple times. Of course you could also achieve the exact same thing with a simple wash cloth, but it would not look half so cute…