Makeup Transfer

Makeup Transfer

eye-transfer-5 eye-transfer-4 eye-transfer-1

This one was a struggle from beginning to end.

Like all transfers, you have to cut it down to size first, then position it carefully before wetting the paper to let transfer the pattern to your skin. Doing this around your own eyes is not easy, as you can’t really see what you are doing until it is too late to put things right.

In this case, the pattern – whilst very pretty in the packet – was so big that various parts of it stuck to each other as soon as daughter #2 opened her eyes. OK, so maybe it hadn’t been given long enough to dry, but it was still way more tricky than it needed to be.

Even at only S$2, this kind of thing is not good for much but messing around on a lazy afternoon or – potentially – as a fun embellishment to a fancy dress costume. Good luck!

Crazy Lashes

star lash 5 star lash 2 star lash 1

There appears to be no end to the silly things you can buy for S$2 at Daiso, and it seems even sillier to leave them behind at that price. Which is how we ended up trying these highly decorative eyelashes with their clusters of stars. Like all false lashes, however, they proved to be really tricky to apply – not just getting them into the right position, but making them stay put once there. With a lot of patience and a new tube of eyelash glue, these would be great for a fancy dress party, but otherwise it is best not to bother…