Dwaejigamja Tea Filters

Dwaejigamja Tea Filters

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Dwaejigamja looks like it might be sunroot or earth apple, alternative names for Jerusalem artichoke, which is sweeter than you would expect from a tuber. In Korea it is a very popular vegetable which crops up in salads, as a pickle, and here – as tea.

None of which I knew at the time, I was just fascinated by the packaging. Each bag contains 6 mini filters packed with dried dwaejigamja, attached to the sort of screw caps you find on the large size of mineral water bottles.

The idea is you replace the original cap with one of these, leave it to infuse, then enjoy your special tea. I did try to find instructions in English online, without any success, so had to leave the bottle (upside down, to encourage infusion) until it looked like it might be ready to drink.

Jerusalem artichoke, incidentally, is supposed to be good for you because it has lots of antioxidants which fight free radicals, and is packed with minerals and electrolytes such as potassium, iron and copper. On the other hand, consuming too much can also apparently lead to digestive problems.

I did not drink enough of this to experience any untoward effects, as the flavour – whilst not unpleasant – was not quite nice enough to warrant finishing the glass. It reminded me a little of Japanese mugi-cha, which I have to be in the right mood for. Never mind, it was fun to try out and perhaps some of my Christmas visitors might like to give it a go.

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