In-flight, On-phone Entertainment

In-flight, On-phone Entertainment


I was in a cool café the other day, where push button phones (with cords) were amongst the wall displays of ‘retro’ items. For someone who grew up with rotary dials and curly cables, when phones were installed by the front door and you stood up whilst keeping calls short, this was slightly worrying – push button phones were startlingly modern and exciting when I was a teenager.

Obviously, the cell phones of today have revolutionised everything, and many companies are using this to their advantage. There’s a chain of budget hotels, for example, which does not even provide in-room phones because it expects you to talk to reception/room service via their free app on your cell…

Silk Air, all credit to them, have taken this one step further. There is no programme of in-flight entertainment, in fact there are no seat back screens at all. Instead, there is a free app. Download this on your cell phone and you can then access an extensive range of movies and TV shows, all whilst remaining in ‘flight mode’.

I was slightly wary of this when I saw it first. I am not a technophile, you could actually say that tech hates me, and I did not want to risk messing up my phone at the start of an important trip. Next time, however, maybe…