Pedi Sock Foot Mask

Pedi Sock Foot Mask

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This is one of those ideas which sounds great but turns out to be somewhat disappointing. I’m all for these foot masks which you wear like socks as the product sinks in to make your skin soft and smooth. This particular variety has perforations at the toes so you can pull off the end of each sock and paint your nails at the same time, which must have seemed like a brainwave to whoever thought it up in the first place.

In practice, however, it does not work out the way you would expect. Maybe my feet are a bit big for the socks, but I found that the ends started to come away as soon as I put them on. I suppose I could then have given myself a pedicure whilst I was waiting for the socks to work their magic, but you know how it is when your toe nails are freshly painted – the slightest contact leads to dents and smudges, and it would have been tricky getting the socks off without doing some damage. Not to mention the fact that they leave your feet covered in excess product which then needs rubbing in. I really could not see how this would work as intended…


Foot Mask Socks

Category : Beauty


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Billed as an Intensive Repair Foot Mask, this ‘sock-type’ foot mask contains apricot and shea butter plus other ‘natural healing ingredients’ and is designed to repair, rough, dry feet. The blurb on the back of the packet promises that it ‘noticeably smoothes, softens and repairs dry, cracked, calloused feet and heels, significantly improving the look and feel of even the driest feet’. It ‘delivers effective moisturisers and healing agents to your damaged skin for smoother, healthier and more radiant appearance’.

I bought this in Singapore, at SaSa, but it is another product of the Korean beauty industry and is actually made in Korea rather than in China. At less than S$4, it is an absolute bargain.

I had a plastic bag ready to rest my feet on, to protect the footstool I planned to use, but it turned out not to be needed. All the cream inside the sock-like mask is safely contained by the plastic outer layer, which also has a sort of steam bath effect to promote absorption of the product inside. The socks are sealed at the top so you have to pull them apart at the ‘ankle’ before you can squeeze your feet in, and my size 7s were a fairly tight fit. The plastic outer layer means you can walk round wearing these if you need to, although I found I was sliding around a bit inside them and thought they might split and leak quite easily if I wasn’t careful. The instructions say to wash your feet before using, then leave on for 20-30 minutes. When you remove the socks, you don’t need to wash your feet again, although you might want to massage in any cream left on your skin. I loved these and will definitely use them again – my feet felt fresh and plump, with a baby-soft silky texture that was still evident the next day.