Tropical Condoms

Tropical Condoms

I do love a good look round the shops whenever we are on our travels. Not for the silly souvenirs aimed at passing tourists, but to see what the locals are buying and eating. As daughters #1 and #2 could tell you, parcels from the latest Julietours are more likely to contain bizarre snacks and beauty products than knickknacks for their shelves.

These condoms, for example, really made me laugh.

The Fiesta brand is actually based in the USA, but these banana and durian flavoured condoms are made for the Asian market and surely deserve full marks for entertainment value. I found them in Indonesia, and am still waiting for my testers to stop giggling and give me a sensible product review.

The pineapple and goya condoms turned up in Okinawa, where both these items are grown locally. There’s no flavour involved here, but instead the construction echoes the skin of the fruit or vegetable. The pineapple version, for example, has tiny bumps, whilst the goya is ribbed very like the actual vegetable, which is a speciality of these southernmost Japanese islands.

It’s a clever notion, and the packaging is funny, too. I wish I’d bought more!