K-Pop Starlet Lipstick

K-Pop Starlet Lipstick

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Girl band members and soap opera starlets in Korea are renowned for their amazing makeup, which must take forever to perfect.

In particular, they have popularised a lipstick trend which uses shaded blends of colour to define the lip shape, the outer edges a lighter ‘pop’ of contrast.

I was picturing makeup artists slaving with multiple sticks and special brushes to achieve this effect, but then discovered you can buy two toned lipsticks that produce the same effect.

Obviously this needs some practise to get right, and I suspect you’d need to be a committed lipstick user to do this on a regular basis, but the technology is there…

Interestingly, I saw this first in Tokyo. It was clearly labelled as a K-Pop/K-Drama special although it comes from Japanese cosmetics firm Shiseido.

I don’t really wear lipstick but had to give this a try, and it was fun without appearing to be very effective. But I have the feeling the first daughter to spot this in my bathroom will be ‘borrowing’ it straight away.