Irresistible Burgers?

Irresistible Burgers?

It was only a short hop flight – less than 3 hours from Denpasar to Singapore, otherwise I might have been seriously tempted. Airline food seems to be getting worse and worse these days, even on the nicer carriers. On budget airlines where it needs to be paid for, there are stern warnings not to bring your own snacks on board, which can leave you not just hungry but deeply annoyed.

So full marks to the airport branch of the Hard Rock Café in Bali, which has this hilarious signboard to tempt you in. Even if you don’t like burgers, you have to agree that this one looks way more appetising than anything you will be given on the plane. Not to mention the comfort of eating off proper plates at a roomy table rather than struggling with all those tubs and packets on the fold down tray in your economy class seat.

And it has to be working… the place was packed!