Hippo Patch

Hippo Patch

Category : Beauty

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There’s no real way to lose weight apart from eating less and exercising more, but there’s also an irresistible appeal about anything that promises an easier option.

Besides, the artwork on this slimming patch, with the cute hippo transformed from sad to svelte, made me laugh. ‘The God of Patches. Bye-bye to excess fat’, says the blurb on the back. When you read the instructions carefully, you see that this product simply smooths and moisturises, to cool and firm the skin, so actual inch loss will be in your imagination.

But never mind, it was only HK$18 so had to be worth a try.

In practice, this patch was less amusing, probably because it is supposed to remain in place for 8 hours. And as it is a hydrogel patch, it is very wet and slippery, so it needs to be secured to your stomach with a large adhesive cover almost identical to a wound dressing.

I put this on at bedtime, and swiftly found myself in some discomfort. The patch seemed to heat up, and was unpleasantly damp and sweaty under the dressing. I did not sleep especially well, and in the morning found the whole thing very difficult to remove. The dressing disintegrated into annoying shreds which had to be peeled off individually, leaving a sticky residue on my skin.

And of course there was no discernible improvement… I won’t be buying any more of these.