Flavour Changing Ice

Flavour Changing Ice

Here’s another wrinkle that improves the fast-moving, boundary-pushing cocktail scene in Singapore – ice cubes which change the flavour of your drink as they melt.

My ‘Frozen in Time’ cocktail came with a block of ice embedded with fruit and herbs. As it melted, a succession of different tastes made the already fruity, wine-based cocktail subtly change through a series of sweet, sour and slightly bitter variations.

My only complaint was that the ice was frozen so hard I had to struggle to keep from draining my glass before I had tasted the full range of the melt-in flavours, but I suppose this is the only way they can keep the different layers in the right place as they construct the cube.

This was just one item on an amazing menu of locally inspired cocktails from Hopscotch at the Red Dot Museum. I will absolutely be back to try more…