DIY Mask Pots

DIY Mask Pots

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There was a craze some years ago for homemade skincare products – the sort of thing your grandma might have made to boost her complexion during the difficult wartime years.

So we all tried bags of oatmeal as body scrubs in the bath, whipped up cucumber with yoghurt and honey as cooling face masks, and mixed egg yolks into beer for our hair.

It was messy but it was fun, and yes, it smelled delicious.

Then skincare went all scientific, until these days when you almost need a degree in biochemistry to understand the ingredients label.

Except for an interesting new development that seems to be bucking the trend.

Innisfree, one of the more popular Korean brands, and the one which sources most of its natural ingredients from ‘pure’ Jeju Island, has launched a range of mix-it-yourself face packs.

Depending on your skin type, you choose either a clay base which needs washing off, or a creamy version that is effectively a sleeping pack. Then, depending on the particular needs of your skin, you choose 2 sachets from the extensive range and stir them into your pot.

I went for canola honey and camellia oil, which made for a wonderfully creamy combination that felt silky smooth on my skin. There was surprisingly little of the base itself in the pot, but that was fine as it meant there was plenty of room for stirring in the contents of the sachets.

One freshly mixed, personalised face pack will last you at least 2 applications. The possibilities are endless, the price, 5,000 won. And after trying it out, I really hope this particular product makes it out of Korea and into the shops in Singapore, too.