J Cone

J Cone

j-cone-2 j-cone

Rumour has it this spectacularly bizarre ice cream ‘cone’ was invented in the Philippines, but it swiftly became so popular in Seoul that it is now inextricably linked with Korea instead.

Order a J Cone and what you get is a long crunchy tube with a curve at the bottom – hence the J – which has soft ice cream pumped in from end to end. The main ingredient is puffed corn, and it is thick enough not to go soggy when the ice cream starts to melt, plus it contains any potential drips.

Those are the good points. The only trouble is, the J Cone tastes a lot like a rather nasty breakfast cereal, and there is far more cone to ice cream than you find in the regular version. A lot depends on how nice the filling is, and as this is a very cheap treat, you are not getting gourmet ice cream. Also, it looks pretty silly.

Final verdict? This was fun to try but not tasty enough to eat more than a small sample. The Koreans can keep it!