Jellyfish Pasta

Jellyfish Pasta

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This sounds ridiculous, I know, and to confuse matters further this pasta is actually made into snowflake rather than jellyfish shapes, which seems a trifle strange.

And bizarrely, I found this in the new Japan Rail Café which has just opened at my nearest MRT station and has a shop attached.

Eating jellyfish is a peculiarly Asian thing. There’s something about the slightly gelatinous, slightly crunchy texture which makes it popular in salads, and the fact that is it extremely low fat and low calorie is a bonus. There’s even a theory that eating it can help with bone and muscle pain, but I have to say I find it very weird and not especially pleasant.

Still, this had to be worth trying, particularly as it comes from the famous Kamo Aquarium in Japan, which has the world’s largest variety of jellyfish, and has been produced to mark the opening of their Jellyfish Dream Building.

I treated this like normal pasta, cooking it for slightly longer than usual as instructed on the packet, and I ate it with a simple tomato sauce. But I could tell it wasn’t made purely from wheat, even though that was actually the main ingredient. Maybe I was biased by my dislike of jellyfish in salad, but I felt there was a definite crunch to the pasta that had nothing to do with ‘al dente’.

There’s still more than half the packet left, so I await the verdict of my pasta-loving daughters with interest.