Adhesive Earrings

Adhesive Earrings

Another treasure from Daiso at the usual bargain $2, I bought these as a joke and sent them to daughter #2.

The premise is simple, you just peel the earring carefully from the backing card, attach it to your ear holding the end of the tape, then either cut or pull the tape away leaving the earring stuck firmly to your skin.

I was expecting to hear these were useless, but to my surprise daughter #2 thought they were great. They apparently stayed on for days, survived repeated hair washings, and were easy to reapply with the spare sticky patches provided once the original wore out.

Not bad for $2!

3 in 1 Ring

I do love a piece of jewellery that can be ‘tweaked’ to do double duty – a ring that has two different sides, earrings that can be transformed to add a dangling extra to a simple stud, a necklace that twists into a bracelet. It’s not just fun, but can give you endless options from a very small selection of components. I know jewellery doesn’t take up much room, but when you are travelling light sometimes every item counts.

This ring from Danish jewellers Dyrberg/Kern is really striking. The stainless steel band comes with inserts to adjust the size, and an ingenious screw fitting means you can interchange the 3 toppings that make up the set.

There’s silvery heart shape, a ‘diamond’ set in gilt and a pink disc which looks to be brushed metal, also in a gilt setting. It’s an airline exclusive, spotted in the Tiger Air magazine for S$150, and if the metal parts had all been the same colour I might have been seriously tempted.

Cityscape Rings


Once I had realised what I was actually looking at, I couldn’t get enough of these rings. It is such a clever idea to take the landmark buildings of a city skyline and wrap them in miniature around your finger.

I spotted London and Hong Kong, had to take a guess at a couple of others, but snapped up a small collection as cool and quirky gifts.

They are Korean made, from AccessoryHolic in Seoul, and I just know they are going to be a big success. They cost  just under 10,000 won a pop, which isn’t necessarily cheap, but what price ingenuity and imagination?

Dragon Ear Cuffs

dragon-4 dragon-ear-5

It must have something to do with Game of Thrones, but I am seeing dragons everywhere. Take these fabulous ear cuffs, which slip easily over the edge of your ear and give you the whole fierce dragon-taming look in seconds.

These came from the immense and magical 24 hour emporium that is the Mustafa Centre in Singapore, for a ridiculously low S$4.95, and could not be left behind.

Daughters #1 and #2, you’re welcome!

Day To Night Earrings

earring 1 earring 2

It’s always nice when you can pack something that does double duty on your travels… the space you save in your suitcase is space you can fill with fascinating purchases instead, and with kit that turns into something else, you stand less chance of looking like a scruffy backpacker by Day 3.

I know that jewellery doesn’t take up much room, but even so it pleases me greatly when I can transform a pair of simple earrings into something more glamorous for the evening.

These are some of my favourites. The clip-on earrings above right are simple shiny or matt gold on one side, but turn them round and they sparkle with ‘diamonds’. They pinch a bit after a few hours, but they look great and are so clever that it is worth it to give them some play.

The collection of studs above left are slightly more complicated but can be mixed and matched at will. Building on the Japanese trick of attaching something cute and dangly to the butterfly clip, so that it hangs behind and below your ear instead of in front, these are accessories that slide onto the post of your regular studs, transforming them for an evening out. By switching the combinations, you can appear to have a vast array of different earrings that will complement any outfit.

Reversible Rings

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reversible rings 1  reversible rings 2

These are such a clever idea I found them irresistible – rings which you can turn around to give an entirely different design. They are made by Korean jewellery company RedEye and there is a large selection in both gold and silver colours of which I liked these 3 best. The 2 photos show the same 3 rings from both sides. I thought they would be particularly good for your traveling jewellery stash, giving you twice the options for the same space. They come in one size, which only just fits the little finger on my larger than Asian sized hands, but they are cute, cheap at S$11.50 and ideal for brightening up an outfit without worrying about losing an expensive or treasured piece.double ring