Ginger KitKat Balls

Ginger KitKat Balls

I can never resist the lure of a new type of KitKat, and there are so many amazing and/or outrageous varieties to be had in Japan that your taste buds can go into shock (wasabi and soy sauce, anyone??)

These ginger tea flavoured KitKat balls were a welcome contrast to some of the odder things I have sampled recently. They are new and different, but taste just the way you’d expect – slightly sweet and slightly spicy like a warming mug of ginger tea mixed with chocolate. The little bit of biscuit crunch is a bonus.

It’s always a treat to find something that is unusual but not a challenge to consume, and I really enjoyed these. Like most of the KitKat flavours it is probably just a short-lived special, but whilst it is around I will be buying it where I can.

Grilled KitKats


Japanese KitKat flavours are a thing of wonder, and I am sure I will run through the full menu at some point fairly soon.

This one, however, seemed to merit a mention all on its own – here is a mini chocolate bar which, although already an interesting cheesecake flavour, is also  is designed specifically to be grilled before eating.

There is no special magic involved, you simply unwrap it, pop it under a very hot grill for just a couple of minutes (not hot enough and it will simply melt, plus keep your eyes on it, as it cooks very quickly…) then enjoy the unusual variation on a familiar snack.

This particular KitKat is covered with white chocolate, presumably to enhance the appeal once the colour changes to golden caramel complete with bubbles and crispy edges. I don’t especially like white chocolate but here the hot melting texture gave a whole new depth to the flavour and made it a deliciously naughty treat.

Many of the 200+ KitKat variations unique to Japan are available only in limited and/or seasonal editions, so you have to snap these things up when you see them. These came as a bag of 13 miniatures from Shiok Japan in Singapore, for a very reasonable S$8.90.


Crazy Croissants

crab croissant kitk croissant

The Cronut – that odd marriage of croissant and donut – never really took off in Asia. Instead, we’ve had a fascinating range of croissant adaptations that have been a lot more fun. The salted egg yolk version was the big hit, but here are 2 others which deserve an honourable mention:

First, the chilli crab croissant, above left, a new twist on the classic which is Singapore’s signature dinner. This is very spicy, but there’s also a hint of sweetness in the sauce, which means that here it actually pairs very well with the flaky pastry of ChocCro’s basic croissant. This was a seasonal special, for the 50th anniversary of our adopted homeland, and daughter #2 and I enjoyed it very much.

Second, the KitKat croissant, above right. I will say a lot more about KitKats some other time, because the Japanese have elevated their production to a fine art. This is more of an afterthought in comparison, but tasty nonetheless. Rather like a slightly more crunchy version of the standard pain au chocolat, this is exactly how you imagine a KitKat bar baked into a croissant might taste. A bit melted, a bit softer than it would be straight from the packet, but a great blend of pastry and chocolate. We had this in Pronto, Shibuya, with coffee, as a naughty part 2 to breakfast after our usual salmon, seaweed, rice and green tea.