Free e-books

Free e-books


Budget travellers transiting Kuala Lumpur have yet more indignities to face than simply zero legroom, paying for refreshments and – worse – having to rent a blanket.

The ultimate humiliation is being directed firmly into what is bluntly named the Low Cost Carrier Terminal.

This used to be truly awful, a separate building that could reasonably be described as a concrete ‘shed’ with benches, but has now been upgraded and connected to the shiny main terminal. Still, the amenities are decidedly basic, as if they are determined to underline your 2nd class status.

So it came as a real surprise to see this sign in various places round the terminal – free e-books available for those unfortunates waiting until the early hours for a flight with no food and no entertainment.

Sadly, I could not manage to log onto any free wifi, so was unable to check what was actually on offer, but still – it must be a nice bonus for anyone who can get connected.