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I’m a bit behind the times with this one, because Singapore’s 50th birthday celebrations were of course last year, and unfortunately the father of this island nation did not live quite long enough to mark the special day. However, I still think it is worth a mention.

Lee Kwan Yew, founder, former prime minister and the driving force behind everything Singapore has become today, is commemorated in innumerable ways, but I rather liked this one.

Local confectionery firm Chocoelf, which produces all manner of ‘Singapore-flavoured’ chocolate including durian, chili and orchid, marked SG50 with a pair of unique bars illustrated with the great man at both ends of the half century.

The 1965 bar featured tiny dried shrimps and chips of almond in milk chocolate, to capture the ‘early difficulties faced by our small island state’.

The 2015 bar referenced the celebratory fireworks of ‘the remarkable achievements of Singapore and her people’ with popping candy and crispy rice in dark chocolate.

I didn’t much fancy chocolate with dried shrimp in, but the popping candy version was very nice and at S$7.80 a bar, not unreasonably priced. Quite a few people received these bars as gifts over the holidays…