Challenging Coffee

Challenging Coffee

I’m all for trying new flavours, but sometimes things turn out so badly it quite puts me off for a while.

Take the lemon coffee here – which appeared as a ‘special’ on the blackboard at my current favourite brunch hangout. Iced lemon tea, or variations thereof, is very big in Singapore, so clearly this was an attempt to expand the idea into the coffee drinkers market.

But oh dear, the marriage of coffee and lemon juice was so awful I could not manage more than a token couple of sips.

Which is why a few days later I was prepared to do no more than take a photo of this durian coffee. Durian, of course, is one of those peculiarly Asian things that very few Westerners can tolerate. Sometimes even the smell as you go past a durian stall is enough to make tourists gag, not to mention the acrid taste and the decidedly unpleasant sensation involved in sucking the slimy flesh from the seeds. I do keep trying, but I will never be a fan.

But for anyone who is willing to sample this ‘rich concoction of creamy coffee with a noticeable durian dimension’ it is available not only at smarter supermarkets, but also at Changi airport.