Lip Tint Eraser

Lip Tint Eraser

The whole point of lip tint, I am told, is that it sinks in and stays, rather than coming off on your glass (or your boyfriend) like normal lipstick does.

All well and good, until you make a mistake as you apply it – at which point it is a huge problem to remove.

Which is why daughter #2 snapped up this tube of special eraser on sight at Etude House. It’s a clear jelly and goes on rather like a lip salve, even containing shea butter to moisturise and nourish lips which are dry and flaky from overuse of lip tint.

You rub it in gently then wipe away for instant and effective removal, especially useful when the colour has strayed over your lip line. This particular product was declared a monster hit, and I expect to be mailing extra tubes to the UK fairly soon…