Pout Enhancer

Pout Enhancer

Fancy fuller lips without risking painful and potentially disastrous injection of fillers? You might want to take a look at this – a small plastic contraption which is designed for instant but temporary enhancement.

When used properly, Fullips (patent pending – ‘proudly made in the USA’), is supposed to help you get that fuller, pouty look, and as a bonus, should also help lines around the lips become less noticeable.

For best results, you are supposed to wet your lips and the area around your mouth, as this should help provide better suction. The idea is to place the lip enhancer over your lips and suck in air gently. As you create an airtight seal, you can feel your lips being sucked into the enhancer, although there is a warning that you should not suck too hard as this can bruise your lips. After 15 to 30 seconds you should break the suction by using your finger under the edge of the enhancer. The whole process can be repeated (carefully) until you have achieved the desired effect.

With a bit of practice you will apparently be able to target specific parts of your lip area if you like. According to the instructions, you can even turn the enhancer sideways to focus on just the centre of your lips (apparently a neat trick if you are suffering from age-related thinning of the lips), or you could treat just the top lip to even out the shape of your mouth. Three different shapes of enhancer are available, or you can buy the complete set.

Once you are happy with your new look, you can apply lipstick and gloss as usual, plus maybe a touch more lip liner under your lower lip to increase the illusion of depth. The effect is temporary, obviously, but if you do it right it might last you through a special evening.

There is a warning that you should not use this product if you have had any medical procedure on your lips such as injection of fillers. In fact, you should probably steer well clear if you are suffering from any mouth related problem, although under normal circumstances, using this enhancer should not hurt.

I came across this in Bangkok and thought it might amuse at least one of my daughters, but had to try it out myself first. And it really feels odd to use, although I expect you could quickly get the hang of it with practice. To be honest, although I followed the instructions carefully, I could not see any difference afterwards. It was just pretty uncomfortable whilst I was doing it, then left my lips feeling slightly sore and bruised.

It would never have occurred to me to try changing my lips in any way, so this is not something I would consider adding to my arsenal of beauty products. But I am interested to hear the opinion of whichever daughter gets her hands on it first…

Lip Stencils

lip-stencil-7 lip-stencil-5 lip-stencil-3

You can buy all manner of pencils and brushes to help you redefine the shape of your lips, thinning the contours, plumping out and enhancing where necessary, all before you apply the lip colour itself. Or you can try these…

Daughter #2 was game, but swiftly changed her mind. These are Korean, and Korean girls are notoriously doll-like and petite, yet the stencils were all enormous. Perfect if you fancy the ‘trout pout’ look or are some sort of Kardashian wannabe.

Even with the smallest stencil, daughter #2 ended up looking like she was auditioning for the circus and declared the result to resemble “the Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong”. It seems safe to say these will not be in use again.

lip-stencil-4 lip-stencil-2 lip-stencil-1

Lip Tattoo

lip tatt 1 lip tatt 2 lip tatt 6

I first saw this at 38,000 feet, in an airline shopping magazine, and was intrigued – but not enough to buy a pack of 3 at vast expense. Happily, just weeks later I spotted individual tubes at a more reasonable price in Sasa beauty store.

Clearly, this is another Korean invention, from Skinaz, whose brand slogan appears to be ‘dear pure soul’.  It promises to make dull, dark or pale lips look bright and healthy, using ‘unique patented technology’ to colour lips naturally using vegetable and flower extracts.

This “kissable’ 24 hour lip tattoo looks very like a normal tube of coloured lip gloss, and slides easily but wetly onto clean lips. You then have to wait 10-15 minutes for the colour to take effect, during which time there is a strange, slightly tingly sensation as the product dries.

This is where the fun starts, because if you have kept your mouth closed you will find your lips completely glued together. The colour needs to be peeled carefully away from your lips, lifting off like a film of dried glue. It’s a bit like taking a plaster off, you find yourself having to hold down the skin of your lip as you ease the product away, then rub off the sticky fragments that have been left behind.

The end result is actually pretty good. Left as is, it looks like you have applied a light coat of lipstick. If you pat your lips with a tissue, you end up with a subtle shade that simply enhances your natural lip colour. As advertised, the whole effect only lasts one day.

It became clear why this was being sold in sets of 3… by the time daughter #2 and I had played around with it, (before, during and after pictures below…) almost half the tube was already gone. It was an amusing gimmick, though, and will almost certainly be used again.

lip tatt 10 lip tatt 7 lip tatt 8 lip tatt 9

Lip Steam Mask

steam lip 3 steam lip 1 steam lip 2

Fresh from Tokyo, this lip steam mask is a treat before you even use it. Carefully wrapped in silky paper inside a beautifully printed paper envelope, the sweet smelling, soft fabric mask has loops which slip neatly over your ears to keep it in place.

It is apparently ‘packed with moisture-retaining components such as collagen which are woven into its fabric’, and is supposed to help soften the skin on and around your lips.

According to the instructions, you wet the mask and heat it up for 10 seconds in the microwave. You then wear it over your ‘relaxed’ lips for about 3 minutes. The mask is reusable, so you can fold it back into its lovely envelope for next time.

I tried this in the bath, and again another day whilst working at my desk. I found the heat was lost very quickly, but the slight steam effect it produced did make my lips feel softer.

This mask cost ¥648 and is made by Makanai, who offer “beauty secrets unlocked from the best of Japan’s nature, combined with time tested recipes of wisdom’. The company name actually means ‘knowledge and supplies from the work place or kitchen’, and comes from the shared experience of women working in the gold leaf industry, who counteracted the effects of their harsh working conditions with home beauty remedies to help their skin. Having tried this I will be on the lookout for more of their range of beauty products.

Wine Lip Tint

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wine lip 1 wine lip 3 wine lip 4

Sometimes it is all about the packaging, which is what attracted me to this cute miniature ‘wine bottle’ of lip tint as I passed a Tony Moly store in Macau. Happily, this particular product turned out to be a success in that it delivered as well as looking good, which was presumably why – of the half dozen different colours in the display, only 2 were still available.

It comes from Korean beauty firm Labiotte, which produces cosmetics made with natural ingredients combined with ‘state of the art dermatological technology’, and these ‘Chateau Labiotte’ lip tints contain actual wine extracts.

Among the 6 colours are Shiraz, Chardonnay, and the Merlot Burgundy which I bought. The packaging claims that the tint is long wearing and ‘dyes the lips with a bold yet delicate colour that resembles quality wine while moisturizing the lips’. From my sampling of the product in the store, I would add that you can even detect a subtle taste of wine.

Daughter #2 got in first with her feedback, and she has this to say: ‘I loved this lip tint. The bottle it comes in is adorable and the colour is fantastic! It is really easy to apply and the colour stays on for a very long time. You can increase intensity by applying more when the first layer has dried, but it does make your lips quite dry so you should carry a clear lip balm with you.’

Lip Patch

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lip patch 2 lip patch 1

This is the lip version of the gold gel eye patches I tried out earlier. Whilst I enjoyed those very much, I am not too sure about this one. For a start, it was really difficult to keep it in place – I suppose it would have been better to lie down and wait for the 15 minutes recommended use time to be over, but I was hoping to be able to get on with other things at the same time. Also, it looked incredibly silly, a bit like having a huge clown mouth drawn in pink all over your face. Last but not least, it made my lips prickle slightly instead of feeling smooth and soft as advertised. I bought this in a Kowloon branch of Tony Moly for HK$22, which is less than S$4, but similar versions seem to be readily available elsewhere.