Secret Flower Jelly Enchanted Lipstick

Secret Flower Jelly Enchanted Lipstick

Alright, this product from Kailijumei Japan has a very silly name which has probably lost a lot in translation, but look at it – a gorgeous clear lipstick with flecks of gold leaf and a tiny dried flower set inside the jelly. It smells fruity, the clear gloss transforms into varying shades of pink on your lips, depending on your body temperature, and the case is shiny gold with pearls set into the base. Who could resist?

Certainly not me, when I spotted it amongst the girlie delights on sale in the basement arcade of Lumine, Shinjuku. At more than ¥5,000 a pop it was a bit pricey, but for entertainment value worth every yen.

It feels a bit sticky going on, which together with the strong scent reminded me very much of the roll-on lip gloss we all used to wear when I was a teenager, but in a good way. The blurb seems to say that the various different lipsticks all turn into the same colour on your lips, the only difference is in the colour of the flower inside the stick. I suppose that means you only need to buy the one, which considering the price, is just as well…

K-Pop Starlet Lipstick

k-lips-1 k-lips-2

Girl band members and soap opera starlets in Korea are renowned for their amazing makeup, which must take forever to perfect.

In particular, they have popularised a lipstick trend which uses shaded blends of colour to define the lip shape, the outer edges a lighter ‘pop’ of contrast.

I was picturing makeup artists slaving with multiple sticks and special brushes to achieve this effect, but then discovered you can buy two toned lipsticks that produce the same effect.

Obviously this needs some practise to get right, and I suspect you’d need to be a committed lipstick user to do this on a regular basis, but the technology is there…

Interestingly, I saw this first in Tokyo. It was clearly labelled as a K-Pop/K-Drama special although it comes from Japanese cosmetics firm Shiseido.

I don’t really wear lipstick but had to give this a try, and it was fun without appearing to be very effective. But I have the feeling the first daughter to spot this in my bathroom will be ‘borrowing’ it straight away.


Sequin Lipstick


OK, I suppose I might have guessed this was never really going to deliver what it promised, and the fact that there was no ‘tester’ available should have warned me… but at only 35 Baht in Bangkok’s Chinatown, it was potentially too cool to be left behind.

In my defence, there did appear to be a sequin effect embedded into the colour, but in practice there was barely any shade noticeable on the lips, let alone glitter. Never mind, we live and learn, and this amused me enough at the time to make the purchase worthwhile.

Cream to Powder (and vv)

cc-3 cream-lip-1 its-2

Makeup which turns from  one texture to another  is popping up in the product lines of several Asian cosmetics companies.

You can get powder cheek and lip colours which develop a creamy consistency as they react with the moisture on your skin, then also a stick base cream which dries into powder within seconds. Both types are interesting, unusual, and seem to work very nicely – the finished effect is no different from what you get with normal cosmetics, but the way they transform themselves is the selling point.

We tried the Za CC stick, which is described as a one-step day cream to finishing powder which should last all day for a shine free and pore-less complexion. (Za, incidentally, aims to help ‘women who aspire to ‘cosmopolitan city life’ gain the confident and attractive beauty look’.)

This particular product apparently contains both stretch-fit powder and smart oil control powder, which are activated as you blend the cream in with your fingers. Daughter #2 said she liked it, although she would probably wear it like foundation over concealer rather than simply as a day cream. It comes in just 2 colours, natural and light.

The cheek and lip variety are available from a number of companies, but we tried only 2, both of which provided plenty of novelty and were nice enough to be used again.

Touch In Sol, a Korean company whose brand is described as suiting ‘Ladies who Wannabe – Twinkle Star, Sexy & Cute, Classy & Lovely’, make creams which turn into powder, which are possibly better for your cheeks than your lips but which can be used for either.

It’s Skin is also a Korean firm, whose little bottles of powder turn into cream on both lips and cheeks. There are 5 different shades, which are described as vivid but which we found to be fairly subtle unless you applied several layers. The product isn’t sticky as you’d expect, and feels more like a lip tint than the thicker cream of a lipstick. This one got a big thumbs up.

Stripy Lipstick

Category : Beauty

triple lip 1 triple lip 3

This lipstick with its three bands of colour was way too intriguing to leave behind on the shelf of the Bangkok store where I spotted it, especially when I had the undivided attention of a ‘katoey’ shop assistant in full hair-tossing, lip-pouting mode, to help me choose the right one.

The idea is that, by using this, you can apply lip balm, colour and gloss in one stroke, and it does glide on very easily to leave your lips feeling soft and nourished. The colour was a bit subtle, though, which I suppose means that you could use this as a daytime product to give you just a hint of lipstick instead of sticking to your usual salve.

I like it, I enjoyed the experience of buying it even more, so even if it just sits on my bathroom shelf it makes me smile at a happy memory.

Mood Lipstick

mood lips 4 mood lips 1

This was more of a joke than a useable lipstick. It looks blue, but turns pink when it reacts with the moisture of your lips. Daughter #2 thought it might be a good prank, if you were able to make your lips very dry first, then lick them to transform the colour. Potentially, you could let then your lips dry out again so they would gradually turn blue (and presumably scare the life out of your companions…)

Although the pink colour is way too vivid to wear out, it becomes a lot more subtle and wearable once you start to take it off, so maybe it won’t be consigned immediately to the dressing-up box.