Diet Noodles

Diet Noodles

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Instant noodles may be quick, cheap and filling – they certainly seem to merit their status as a student staple – but they are also pretty high in calories. The average packet, which weighs in at around 85g and contains nothing more than the noodles and a sachet of powdered flavouring, costs a whopping 400 calories. That’s almost half the number you need per day if you are trying to lose weight.

Daughters #1 and #2 eat a lot of noodles, so I was interested to see these low fat, low sodium alternatives from Indonesian brand Tropicana Slim, which at 230 calories per 80g packet, compare very well with the usual version.

The packet is bigger and better illustrated, then there are 4 sachets of spices and sauce inside, all presumably to justify a price that would probably buy you a bundle pack of own-name brand noodles in the same store.

Otherwise it is all very much the same. Add boiling water and leave the noodles to soften and cook, empty in the contents of all the sachets, stir and enjoy.

Except I swiftly discovered what is probably the real reason these are diet noodles – they taste very dull despite the spices, and they have a stringy texture which makes them a chore to eat. I gave up and had something else instead.

Collagen Tea (and low-cal cupcakes)

cupcake-2 cupcake-1 cupcake-4

This little café was quite a find, with its Japanese ambiance and colourful treats to eat. We particularly liked the collagen tea, which has a bright turquoise layer of collagen jelly on the bottom, through which you drink your tea. OK, it is slightly odd, but in a country where tea regularly comes full of sago pearls and fruit ‘boba’ bubbles, it isn’t too much of a challenge.

The low calorie cupcakes were a bonus. Lady A Cupcakes actually offers nothing to eat but cupcakes, on the grounds that it if focuses on one thing, it will do a better job.

So the cake is light, either Madagascar vanilla or Belgian chocolate, sitting on a base of caramelised cookie for an interesting difference in texture. The low calorie frosting does not overwhelm the cake, unlike other brands I could mention, and is less sugary so you can actually taste the flavour.

As the menu says: ‘I am baked for the ladies, so I am always less sweet, has lower calories and I look really pretty too~ I know these are important to you.’

Our cupcake and collagen tea sets cost just S$4.90, which made this a tasty and very affordable treat.