Long Life Noodle(s)

Long Life Noodle(s)

It’s a typical Asian quirk that eating noodles is supposed to be lucky, especially at the Lunar New Year or on your birthday – the longer the noodles, the longer you will live. So try not to cut them up, whatever the time of year!

One place in Singapore has elevated this tradition into something of an art form, with lunch dishes that are comprised of a single noodle.

But what a noodle. This Yi Gen Mian (1 strand noodle) is hand made fresh daily, in limited numbers, and is fully 10 metres long. As it takes the chef 30 minutes to knead the dough before rolling it, then it needs to rest for several hours before being teased out to its full length, you can see why this is the house speciality. The finished noodle, should you arrive in time to order one before they are all sold out, comes coiled neatly in the bowl with spicy meat sauce on top. I suppose at that point it is alright to bite lengths off because I don’t know anyone who can slurp down 10 metres of noodle in one go…

From Dingi at Plaza Singapura. Go early and be prepared to queue.