Macaron Mystery

Macaron Mystery

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Is it just me, or is all the fuss about macarons a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes?

They cost so much, appear so beautiful and promise to be so delicious, but then you take a bite and find your mouth full of what could be plaster dust. It is very disappointing.

OK, so I do keep trying, if only because some of the more inventive version look so cute. The little animal faces, for example, were selling like hot cakes on Takeshita dori recently, and the duck – together with the cookie monster – were the pride of a Singapore patisserie stall.

Some creative cook in Manila had also come up with the idea of combining the macaron craze with the ongoing popularity of cupcakes, which makes for a double whammy of style over substance.

The only one I have honestly enjoyed was the ice cream ‘sandwich’ made with multi coloured macarons that I found on a stroll down Insadong.

I should probably give up on this one, or learn how to make a more tasty version by myself.

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