Magnetic Face Mask

Magnetic Face Mask

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This is so hilarious it probably would not matter if it didn’t work at all, but my skin felt so nice afterwards that I am seriously tempted to buy some despite the price.

It comes from Premier Dead Sea, a US company which uses highly concentrated minerals from the Dead Sea to make skin care products. As they say: ‘Nature’s unique wisdom is combined with the newest technologies to indulge your skin with science and nature’.

This particular mask is called Miracle Noir, and it really is black, presumably with Dead Sea mud, although the product details say that is refined until nothing is left but firming minerals like calcium, bromide, magnesium and potassium.

But there are 2 layers to this mask… whilst the mud minerals are firming the skin and lifting out dirt to unclog pores, there are also essential oils including musk rose, eucalyptus and gingko biloba to treat fine lines and hydrate the skin, all of them penetrating deep into the skin thanks to a secret liposome complex.

The best bit is the magnet, which comes in its own compartment in the top of the pot. After you have had the mask on for 10 to 20 minutes, you wrap the magnet in a tissue and sweep it over your face to remove the mud. It sounds mad, but it really does work. What is left behind is a layer of essential oils that you massage in then leave on overnight for ongoing hydration.

If this did not cost a whopping S$188 a pot, I would have bought some on the spot.