Double Colour Mascara

Double Colour Mascara

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There’s something very appealing about RMK cosmetics. Perhaps it is the vibrant colours, the shiny silver packaging, or the unusual presentation of, say, eyeshadows in pods or cubes with sliding lids. This particular product, a mascara which holds 2 colours in a single wand, was something I could not leave behind.

You could use just one shade at a time, depending on what you were wearing, but the combinations are designed so you can use different shades on top and bottom lashes. As the blurb says: ‘high drama results from its sophisticated interplay of colour: shading and volume above, with brightness below’.

The wands are marked 1 and 2 so you know which way to use them, and there are 5 colour combinations including the blue and green here, plus the likes of pink and black or red and brown. They are also waterproof without being too difficult to remove later.

These became Christmas presents for daughters #1 and #2, and went down so well I am considering buying another for myself.

Travel Lash Tool

I’m a great fan of anything that does several jobs at once. I love the idea that someone has thought of a way to combine two or more tools into one, and I really love anything which will make packing quicker and lighter for my travels.

This little tool ticked all those boxes, although I suppose I have managed to get along without it perfectly well up until now.

Never mind, it cost S$2 and manages to incorporate not just a brush which could be used either to tidy your brows or apply mascara, but also a comb to untangle any clumping of freshly mascara-ed lashes. More importantly, especially when you consider how messy stray mascara can be, the comb folds neatly into the handle and there is a cover for the brush which screws securely into place.

I can see this is going to become an indispensable part of my travelling make-up kit.

Magic Palette

mix-compact-2 mix-compact-3 mix-compact-4

This was irresistible – a makeup compact barely larger than a single blush or eyeshadow, yet containing 4 separate cosmetic items. It’s an ideal way of fitting all the bits and pieces you need into the smallest travelling makeup pouch.

From K-Palette, this clever item contains 2 blushers, a contouring powder and highlighter, and comes complete with applicator brush. There’s even a handy open-out picture guide explaining how best to apply the various shades.

Tracking down a translation of the packaging, I was surprised to discover the products are embedded with beauty essences including shea butter, water soluble collagen and hyaluronic acid, all of which no doubt help justify the SS27 price tag. But to be honest, simply the idea here is priceless.

mix-compact-5 mix-compact-6

Light Mascara

Category : Beauty

light-mascara-3 light-mascara-1

I’ve seen tweezers with a built in light before (and let’s agree, that’s actually quite a good idea…) but this is the first time I have seen a mascara wand that lights up as you use it.

There are 2 tiny LED bulbs inside the lid which look like nothing much when you open it up, but which direct a reasonably bright light down the wand. It illuminates just the right spot as you apply the mascara, and is apparently very handy if you need to fix your makeup in the back of a taxi or in some dimly lit club.

At SS20, it wasn’t especially cheap, but it’s novel, fun and relatively useful.

Eyeliner Transfers

tattoo-liner-2 tattoo-liner-1 tattoo-liner-3

I have to stop buying/trying these sort of things – they look so cool on the shelf yet prove almost impossible to apply properly in real life.

These particular transfers, with their artistic variations on the regular cat’s eye flick-style eyeliner, looked amazing. But somehow they seemed to be printed the wrong way up. It might be better if the main body of the line curved down rather than up, so it would be easier to get them in the right position on your eyelid. You’d need to have that eye closed, of course, but still…

As it was, once the messing about with wet cotton pads was done, there were distinct gaps between transfer and eyelashes which needed filling in with a steady hand. At only SS2 per packet, I can’t really complain, but these things are probably more trouble than they are worth.

K-Pop Starlet Lipstick

k-lips-1 k-lips-2

Girl band members and soap opera starlets in Korea are renowned for their amazing makeup, which must take forever to perfect.

In particular, they have popularised a lipstick trend which uses shaded blends of colour to define the lip shape, the outer edges a lighter ‘pop’ of contrast.

I was picturing makeup artists slaving with multiple sticks and special brushes to achieve this effect, but then discovered you can buy two toned lipsticks that produce the same effect.

Obviously this needs some practise to get right, and I suspect you’d need to be a committed lipstick user to do this on a regular basis, but the technology is there…

Interestingly, I saw this first in Tokyo. It was clearly labelled as a K-Pop/K-Drama special although it comes from Japanese cosmetics firm Shiseido.

I don’t really wear lipstick but had to give this a try, and it was fun without appearing to be very effective. But I have the feeling the first daughter to spot this in my bathroom will be ‘borrowing’ it straight away.


Twisty Tail Mascara

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dino-1 dino-2 dino-3 dino-4

Too Cool For School are pretty much guaranteed to make me laugh with some new product in their range, and since the brand seems to have disappeared from Singapore I was pleased to have a chance to shop there in Seoul.

My top pick was this Twisty Tail Mascara, which has a mechanism built into the base to bend the applicator brush through 3 different positions.

The first is relatively straight, the 2nd helps set your lashes as the gel formula dries and curls, the 3rd picks up any of those tiny end lashes that you missed. There are fibres in there for a 5mm long lash effect, but it isn’t actually waterproof so is not too hard to remove.

The fantastic packaging is a bonus! Not cheap at 23,000 won but definitely worth it.

Lip Stencils

lip-stencil-7 lip-stencil-5 lip-stencil-3

You can buy all manner of pencils and brushes to help you redefine the shape of your lips, thinning the contours, plumping out and enhancing where necessary, all before you apply the lip colour itself. Or you can try these…

Daughter #2 was game, but swiftly changed her mind. These are Korean, and Korean girls are notoriously doll-like and petite, yet the stencils were all enormous. Perfect if you fancy the ‘trout pout’ look or are some sort of Kardashian wannabe.

Even with the smallest stencil, daughter #2 ended up looking like she was auditioning for the circus and declared the result to resemble “the Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong”. It seems safe to say these will not be in use again.

lip-stencil-4 lip-stencil-2 lip-stencil-1

Sequin Lipstick


OK, I suppose I might have guessed this was never really going to deliver what it promised, and the fact that there was no ‘tester’ available should have warned me… but at only 35 Baht in Bangkok’s Chinatown, it was potentially too cool to be left behind.

In my defence, there did appear to be a sequin effect embedded into the colour, but in practice there was barely any shade noticeable on the lips, let alone glitter. Never mind, we live and learn, and this amused me enough at the time to make the purchase worthwhile.

Cream to Powder (and vv)

cc-3 cream-lip-1 its-2

Makeup which turns from  one texture to another  is popping up in the product lines of several Asian cosmetics companies.

You can get powder cheek and lip colours which develop a creamy consistency as they react with the moisture on your skin, then also a stick base cream which dries into powder within seconds. Both types are interesting, unusual, and seem to work very nicely – the finished effect is no different from what you get with normal cosmetics, but the way they transform themselves is the selling point.

We tried the Za CC stick, which is described as a one-step day cream to finishing powder which should last all day for a shine free and pore-less complexion. (Za, incidentally, aims to help ‘women who aspire to ‘cosmopolitan city life’ gain the confident and attractive beauty look’.)

This particular product apparently contains both stretch-fit powder and smart oil control powder, which are activated as you blend the cream in with your fingers. Daughter #2 said she liked it, although she would probably wear it like foundation over concealer rather than simply as a day cream. It comes in just 2 colours, natural and light.

The cheek and lip variety are available from a number of companies, but we tried only 2, both of which provided plenty of novelty and were nice enough to be used again.

Touch In Sol, a Korean company whose brand is described as suiting ‘Ladies who Wannabe – Twinkle Star, Sexy & Cute, Classy & Lovely’, make creams which turn into powder, which are possibly better for your cheeks than your lips but which can be used for either.

It’s Skin is also a Korean firm, whose little bottles of powder turn into cream on both lips and cheeks. There are 5 different shades, which are described as vivid but which we found to be fairly subtle unless you applied several layers. The product isn’t sticky as you’d expect, and feels more like a lip tint than the thicker cream of a lipstick. This one got a big thumbs up.