Mango Sleeping Mask

Mango Sleeping Mask

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Always unable to resist small things, I was enchanted by this sleeping mask. The container is a realistic but miniature half mango barely the size of my thumbprint, with a tiny spoon attached, and it begged to be snapped up from the shelf of Boots in Bangkok. (Although it is, like all the most interesting facial products, actually made in Korea.)

Now I wish I had bought more. Ridiculously small as the mango is, the contents are still presented as a cream ‘stone’ within a jelly ‘fruit’, and really did smell good enough to eat. The spoon is also exactly what you need to scoop up a little bit of each before blending it in with your fingers. It was altogether a great buy – so rich and creamy that a small amount went such a long way there was enough to last 3 days. My skin felt beautifully hydrated next day, and of course the mango smell was a bonus.

I very much hope I will find this treat again!

Mango Sticky Rice

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This has to be my favourite dessert, preferably eaten at a street stall in Bangkok – luscious slices of fresh mango on a mound of warm rice cooked in coconut milk with salt and sugar, topped with a sauce of coconut cream. Crispy bits as a garnish, optional.

When I see some novel interpretation of this treat, I have to give it a try. Here, then, are 3 variations on a theme.

Nitro frozen mango sticky rice, above left, came from an ice cream shop in Joo Chiat, Singapore, and was completely delicious. It had real sticky rice at the bottom and the authentic sauce with crispy bits on the top. The mango in the middle was a nitro-frozen puree, made on the spot with the nitrogen coming from a tap into the blender.

The mango sticky rice ice cream on a stick, above centre, was spotted at street market beside the Singapore river. It was also really nice – mango ice cream at the centre with a layer of coconut ice cream on top, coated in white chocolate then dipped in crispy rice and flakes of coconut. I’m not too crazy about white chocolate but it worked here and the overall taste was great despite being only loosely based on the real thing.

Sadly, the mango sticky rice spread, above right, was a bit of a disappointment, even though I bought it in Thailand where it should have been more closely related to the real thing. I suppose it could best be described as a kind of mango curd, although the coconut cream flavour made it all sickly sweet in a way the actual dessert is not. I could not detect any rice at all and will not be trying this one again any time soon.

Fried Ice Cream

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This sounded terribly exciting but turned out to be something of a misnomer in that the ice cream was ‘fried’ on a flat plate that was ice cold rather than red hot. The whole process was rather like that of making a French-style crepe, only starting with flavoured milk rather than batter. I chose mango, which was created with half a fresh fruit chopped into the milk, the whole concoction then being stirred around, scraped up then smoothed down again several times in succession before being served in big curls in a paper cup. It was a lot of fun watching this being made but the taste was very disappointing – way too watery and with only a hint of the fruit.

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