Mirror Adverts

Mirror Adverts

Remember when public advertising was restricted to posters? I can still recall the surprise when I first saw cinema-style adverts on giant screens outdoors, usually at big crossings where they must have been a huge distraction to drivers. Smaller screens popped up swiftly in subway stations and malls, and now even bus stops run adverts alongside information on the next service to arrive.

I’d started to think that space was running out, with most available options covered, but it turns out I was wrong.

I walked into the Ladies at a mall in Bangkok to discover that as I approached the mirror, it lit up with adverts just for me. I am not even sure how this works, although motion and proximity sensors must be involved. But somehow the advert is perfectly clear whilst still enabling the mirror to be used as normal.

Taking photos of this in action was slightly tricky, and I gave several local girls a good laugh at the crazy farang lady who was obviously living in the dark ages. To the best of my knowledge, we don’t have anything like this in Singapore. Yet. I await the arrival with interest…