Nail Guard

Nail Guard

This could well be a dream product for anyone who struggles to paint their nails without leaving colourful smudges over their fingers, too.

Nail guard, from Korean firm Belinda, is a peel-off latex that you apply from the bottle with a little brush, just like regular nail polish. This one, however, you paint around the edges of your nails, so that it protects your skin from unsightly smears. When the polish is dry, you peel off the latex and admire your perfect manicure.

That’s the theory, anyway.

I found that, rather than getting nail polish on my fingers, I had a hard time keeping the latex off my nails, and had to push it back carefully before I could continue. As it dries very quickly, in a sticky sort of way, this was not especially easy.

When it came to applying the coloured polish, I deliberately splashed it around to see how this product worked. And (patience not being my strong point) I may have peeled it off a little too soon, as some polish came away as well.

On the whole, it was a better job than I managed with the masking tape in the bathroom, which brought away vast zigzags of fresh paint from the skirting board when I attempted to remove it, but clearly I need a lot of practise.

This is a really good trick to master, however, especially for that awkward ‘left’ hand. It’s too much of a liquid to mail anywhere, but I suspect the next daughter to visit may well claim it as her own.

Nail Polish Protectors

nail cover 5 nail cover 4 nail cover 2

Anyone who has ever worn nail polish will know what a pain it is waiting for it to dry.

You can turn the hairdryer on it, use a special lamp, even buy sprays and drops which promise to set it hard as rock in moments. Yet even with the ‘dries in 30 seconds’ sort of polish, it takes at least a couple of hours before it really is dry enough to resist the smudges and dents that even the smallest contact will inflict.

Now finally, here’s the answer!

I bought these nail polish protectors because I thought they looked remarkably silly, and I was expecting that the clips would pinch my fingers. But I was wrong.

The bag holds 10 plastic covers designed to clip onto your fingers and provide a shield to protect your polish as it dries. They’re pink, because I got them from super girly Korean store Etude House, but that aside, these really do what they say.

The clips sit comfortably, the cover is far enough above the nail to protect without doing any damage itself, and the fact that your fingertips are left free means you can happily get on with other things.

An absolute bargain at S$5 and something I know will see a lot of use.