Nasi Lemak Sushi

Nasi Lemak Sushi

I’ve featured nasi lemak before – it’s a favourite local dish, of Malay origin, made with coconut rice, fish, egg, cucumber and a spicy sauce.

Often it comes packaged in a banana leaf for lunch, although I have also seen it deconstructed and layered so it looks very much like a slice of lasagne. Either way, it is very tasty.

This, however, was a completely new take on the classic, nasi lemak served as sushi. The egg – slices of omelette rather than fried – and the cucumber were rolled up with the rice into a maki, with the crispy fish and the sambal sauce dabbed on top of each slice. It was delicious and here, unlike the banana leaf version, you could actually eat the (nori) wrapping.

At S$8 for a serving of 8 pieces, it is slightly more expensive than ‘real’ sushi, but for novelty value it was worth even cent.

Nasi Lemak

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In Europe, you might pick up a sandwich – neatly encased in a triangular plastic box – to eat at your desk for lunch. In Singapore, whilst this is an option in some of the more modern malls and office blocks, many people prefer a traditional (and considerably less expensive) snack.

A firm favourite is this nasi lemak to go – everything you need wrapped up in a practical and eco-friendly combination of brown paper and banana leaf. For S$2, you get a decent helping of rice which has been steamed with coconut cream, a whole grilled fish, some chilli sauce, and the possibility of various extra toppings of which roasted peanuts, sliced cucumber and tiny crisp anchovies are the most usual.

In the original Malay, nasi lemak means ‘rich rice’, rich referring to the coconut cream which makes this dish taste so good. This one came from a food stall at my local MRT station, and made a very tasty lunch.